Bodybuilding. Is It Unhealthy?

The new year is approaching and new resolutions are being drawn. Losing weight is always on top of the list of most people. With many methods available out there, bodybuilding keeps popping up in the minds for people I meet especially men. Many men think bodybuilding is the fast and healthy way to loss weight.

So bodybuilding can be defined as increasing muscle and having less body fat. Having too much muscle or too much fat are not good for your cardiovascular system, as the heart works harder to service blood in your body.

Unhealthy Bodybuilding

The models you see in magazines are example of how people want to look. The magazines always portrait their models as the healthiest people on planet, but it is opposite in reality. In actual fact bodybuilders are the unhealthiest people due to their training, diet and supplements. To be considered a full fledged bodybuilder one must increase their muscle mass and have less fat as possible. In order to achieve those results most bodybuilders supplement their muscle building with use of hopefully legal but sometimes illegal substances in addition to heavy lifting which both have bad consequences to your body.

My Top Tips

If your goal is to lose weight and have a tone body then bodybuilding or lifting weigh can aid you to achieve your goal. According the British Dietetic Association (BDA) you can increase your muscle in order to burn fat. When you are building muscle your body burns fat. The combination of exercise and a good diet plan increases your metabolism, more metabolism equals more fat you burn. If you are using bodybuilding techniques in that regard then it is healthy as one is trying to reach a balance weight.

Picture your goal of what you want to achieve. Have balance diet and when you go to gym make sure you combine cardio and weight lifting. Avoid using too many bodybuilding supplements but if you do then always use reputable brands or highly rated products, our site reviews weight loss supplements and other weight loss aids so check our weight loss review section. Ideally you should have diet plan that has all nutrition needs in one. As always consult your doctor first.

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