How Dieting is Making us Fatter

We have all heard this before, that dieting may be making us fatter and we may have even experienced it ourselves, having lost weight and then regained it very easily and put more back on than we lost in the first place. However, an article in The Huffington Post by Sarah Leighton explains clearly why this happens. She explains that dieting can slow our metabolism, particularly if we reduce our calorie intake by a lot. Once we start eating more again our metabolism is not used to having lots of food and will remain slow and the weight will pile back on. She also explains that if we do not lose fat and gain muscle, but lose water and muscle then we will not metabolise our food properly and this can again lead to problems. The best way to lose weight is to slowly cut down what we are eating and build up our muscle. Muscle is the best thing for using up calories even at rest and so the more we have; the better.

She also explains that it is wise to find a diet that suits you. Consider what you have tried in the past and whether that was successful and if not; why not. Consider that perhaps you were eliminating certain foods, which you then craved and overate on and put the weight back on. Consider just cutting own slowly and still have small amounts of it. It is also important to get active and try to build up muscle. This does not have to mean team sports and gym memberships but ensuring that you do some physical activity each day but in amounts that you can maintain. The same goes for what you are eating, make sure that what you strive to undertake with regards to a diet is something that you can always keep going with, rather than something short term that will not be able to be maintained or that is unhealthy.


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