Early to bed and early to rise, keeps man healthy, wealthy and wise

This quote was said by some philosopher ages ago; it fits on anyone and everyone and will fit on anyone and everyone till the dooms day. Human body is just like a machine which needs enough amount of oil (food and water) and enough amount of rest to get going easily. Now a day people work almost twenty-four hours in a day. You might be thinking how is that even possible, well, right from when you wake up in the morning your brain and your body start working, you brush your teeth, you take bath, you might or might not take breakfast and then rush to work than there you sit in office for hours, you stare at your computer’s or laptop’s screen for hours, in between you take break of snacks, you talk to other people, you came across many new challenges and many new difficulties along with many new rewards and many new good things throughout the day from your professional life, you rush back towards your home, you might or might not take rest for an hour or two, you get along with your kith and kin at your home, you sit and talk with them, again you come across many new things good and bad this time from your personal life, at night before going to bed you think and think about all the scenarios happening, not happening, would happen, would not happen, should happen, should not happen, have happened, have not happened and so on and on. You might not know, but your brain at least works twenty-four hours a day and because of super hectic schedule that you follow your body also almost works for twenty four hours a day. “Don’t take your tensions to your bed”, this famous quotation is well known to all but who actually follows it in today’s world and that is why rates of people falling sick is higher in present times as compared to past times.

Now, it would be interesting to know that how the obesity is related to the above discussion. Well, when you chose to wake up for more hours than because of the obvious reasons you will eat more fast food. If you are stress eater and you are stressed because of some reason and chose to not to sleep than the condition can get even more severe. A human mind needs at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep per day to allow your body and body functions get complete rest. If obesity is not genetic than it generally comes out of little things people do in their daily life like overeating of favourite fast food, mid night snacks, drinking sugary drinks while running, jogging or walking, improper lifestyle and routine, eating 3-4 meals per day in heavy amount, ignoring symptoms like type-2 diabetes and sleep apnea, no exercise throughout the day, and taking no sleep or less sleep for days. These little insignificant things might look so insignificant and it will always look insignificant for days if your body somehow manages to work okay-okay all the time but on the contrary if your body fails and could not catch up with your high expectations than you get to know the significance of those insignificant things. Rather than hearing from doctor or some specialist wouldn’t it be better to understand by yourself and start taking precautions beforehand because anyhow “Precautions are better than cure”. If you will follow some simple recommendations, it will not only keep you from unusual and unnecessary diseases but also help you to be fresh, healthy and happy always.

Sleeping Women
The most important point to note is that you should never ignore symptoms however small and however insignificant it might look, if you see, feel or come across any odd or unusual thing with your body however small and okay it might seem, you should immediately watch out for that and at least start taking simple home remedies with respect to that “insignificant” happening. You will agree that, closing or shutting down something at initial stage is much easier than closing or shutting down that thing at final stage, be it a company, disease, work or anything.

In the end, to conclude, no disease is big enough to get worried about and each and every disease can be treated either slowly or lately, but if you have started working for your welfare you will be recovered soon. Tension will give you nothing, only more and more tension and in complimentary more and more unnecessary diseases. Being happy is the best medicine, use it all the time as cure and prevention both to get going safe and sound all the time.

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