Food Trends for 2017

There are many predictions at the start of a new year and The Huffington Post has published the results of what Pinterest have predicted will be the most popular foods of 2017. So will it be a healthy or unhealthy year for most of us?

In 2016 the popular foods were rainbow bagels, freak shakes and avocadoes although many of us may not have had any of them. What is in store for us this year?

The first prediction is a Buddha Bowl which is sometimes known as a hippie bowl. It is a bowl of hearty foods all put in together and perhaps topped with nuts and seeds. It would normally have grains, greens and veggies to make it healthier.

Jack fruit seems to be making an entrance as it can be cooked and pulled to make a vegetarian equivalent of pulled pork. The fruit is a member of the fig family.

It has been predicted that fried calamari will be coming back as well. It has never gone away but because more conventions fish is now reducing due to rising sea temperatures, squid will be in higher supply and cheaper.

Empanadas are also thought to be rising in popularity. These are pastry pockets with a meat and cheese filling which are rather like a pasty and great party food. They can also be made with vegetarian fillings such as cheese and tomato.

Last year pizza took a new twist with sourdough bases being all the trend. This year it will be the Indian naan bread being used as a base. It is something that makes pizza so much easier to make at home and so is likely to really catch on.

Sauerkraut will be gaining in popularity too as it has probiotic properties, something which many people are interested in at the moment. It can be something that you either love or hate, but it is likely to be turning up everywhere.

EVOO recipes are thought to be something which will get more popular as well. These use olive oil which is cold produced form very select olives, meaning that it is extremely expensive. It is something which may catch on with some but may not be afforded by others.

Healthy crisps are thought to be something hic will grow as ell. There are already parsnips, sweet potato, beetroot and carrot crisps on the market and kale, courgette, apple and many others are also appearing. It is thought that it will be something that will grow even more this year.

Slow cookers are moving aside and being replaced with sous-vide cooking. This is where food is sealed in an airtight bag and cooked in a water bath. It will be healthier than deep frying and roasting but may not be something that everyone will want to buy special equipment for.

Not only will it be food but beer that is also on the popular foods list. The Saison beer is pale and 7%. It is very fruity and spicy but follows the trend of craft beers which started last year.

Although it is interesting to see what is likely to be more popular this year, it may not make a big deal of difference to many menus. However, if there are healthier options available due to the emergence of Buddha bowls and vegetable crisps this could be a really good thing. It is important though, not to think that you need to do all of these expensive and trendy things in order to keep up with the latest food fashions and to get a good healthy diet as they do not go hand in hand. Firstly food fashions are not always healthy and you could find that you are eating things which really it would be better if you did not. Secondly fashionable food is not necessarily something that your friends and family will be interested in eating and they may not even like it. If you decide to cook with it or serve it, you may find that it will get turned down or they will not really enjoy it very much. This will not be very rewarding for all of your hard work.

Although the list may indicate what might be appearing in restaurants it will not reflect all of them. It will all depend on which ones you go to and how much they stick with the latest trends. Some food trends take a long time to filter down to certain types of restaurant and some never do. The healthier foods may only appear in the healthier establishments, for example as they will know what sorts of things will appeal to their target market.

Of course the predictions may not be right either. It is not always very easy to tell what might grow during the year, even if it is something that has started emerging. It may depend on whether people can find the items, if there are interesting recipes using them, if celebrity chefs use them and what other people do as well.

It can be much more useful for you to plan what you will eat based on nutrition than trends. Make sure that you are getting all of the healthy food and a good range of nutrients so that you can get everything that you and your body needs. The trends do not follow nutritional recommendations and not everything listed will be healthy. There may even be things that seem healthy but are not. The vegetable crisps, for example may seem good as they feel healthier than potato chips as we are told to eat vegetables, but they are still cooked in fat, which is unhealthy and they will contain around the same amount of calories. Many people may think that they can have more because they are vegetables but if you do eat more, you will put on weight. The same applies to the Buddha bowls and the EVOO meals, which seem like they will be really healthy, but it will actually depend on what you put in them and how much of them you eat.


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