Getting the Right Head for Weight Loss

Victoria Wills, in the Huffington Post writes that Weight Loss Happens in Your Head Not Your Stomach. This is an interesting approach to weight loss, explaining how she tried many crash diets and it was hunger tat always drove her failure where she would put back on more weight than she ever lost. This is a story that many people will be able to relate to. She goes on to explain that it is important to not take any notice of fad diets but she has a selection of simple rules to follow which she says help with weight loss success and more importantly life time success. She goes on to explain that will power is impossible as our instincts re always telling us to eat until we fell full or even over full and so we are continuously fighting against our instincts.

She recommends that you write down what you eat as well as your moods so that you can begin to understand how your mind influences your eating. She also says that it is useful to relax each morning for a few minutes before getting out of bed and imagine yourself feeling happy during the day. She also says that you should be kind to yourself and not lie. Lastly have a rough daily plan with regards to eating and be kind to yourself so do not completely deprived yourself. Lastly she states that there are not good and bad foods but any feelings that you have about food actually comes from yourself and it is better to just take a moderation approach than make yourself feel guilty about food choices.

She explains that you need to train your own subconscious setting a goal with regards to eating or weight loss and then leaving it to get on with it. Taking this methodically and slowly gives you the best chance of achieving success and not getting weighted down by days when you are not so sensible in your eating behaviour but focussing on those when you do make wise decisions.


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