Are Pomegranates, Turmeric and Red Wine the Key to Long Life and Health?

The Guardian has a headline today stating that pomegranates, turmeric and red wine could all be the key to long life, but if you read the whole article, as with many, you see that this is not the full story. It explains how there are certain properties of these items which can help to keep the body repairing which not only helps reduce the signs of aging, but also stops disease such as cancer, Parkinson’s and even diabetes starting because damaged cells are removed. However, read on and you will see that you need kilos of grapes or litres of wine to be able to see any benefit and although this may sound tempting, there will be a negative effect of all that alcohol and sugar on the body.

Three red wine glasses

Three people toasting at a restaurant. Three red wine glasses.

It has been shown that reducing calories can help too though, so fasting, or just reducing calorie intake generally could be really advantageous and this is easier and healthier for everyone to do. There is also evidence the exercise helps as well, something which we are all being told to do more of as well. Of course, it is hoped that in the future there will be a pill with these extracts in them which will help to fight old age and disease but at the moment there has not been anything developed that can do this.

Curcuma powder

curcuma powder on a black ceramic bowl (isolated on white background)

So the take home message here is to reduce calorie intake, consider fasting and exercise more. A popular fast at the moment is the 5:2 diet, where you fast some of the time but eat normally the rest. It is still a new idea and whether it is as good as other types of fasting is yet to be proven but it can be an easier way for some people to reduce calories rather than doing it every single day.


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