Report on the 5 : 2 Diet

The Guardian recently reported that after six months the 5:2 diet was no better with regards to weight lost as a reduced calorie diet. The 5:2 is very popular at the moment and involved eating normally for five days a week and restricting what you eat on the other two days, usually having very few calories on those days.

Although this is interesting for those people who do this diet because they hope that they will lose more weight, most people do not use this diet just as a weight loss exercise. Many feel that the diet is easier to stick to as they are allowed to eat whatever thy like most of the time and therefore find it to be more sustainable. Others look at evidence that fasting can help the body to repair damaged cells and think that this is a good reason for restricting their food intake regularly.

However, it is important to think about the whole health picture rather than just concentrating on one aspect. Although helping the body to repair does seem to have health benefits, research is very sparse at the moment. If you are obese or overweight, then finding the best method for you to lose weight is the most sensible approach. The risks of having a high BMI are proven and they are far reaching as well. This means that it is probably best for you to find the very best method that helps you to lose weight and to sustain that loss. Obviously eating healthily is really important as well, but this can be something you can work on slowly as you concentrate on losing the weight.

It is worth trying different techniques to see which one works for you. Many people find that calorie control is best as they can still eat a variety of foods and have treats if they want them. Point system diets are also similar and will allow you to eat treats every so often if you want them. Diets that encourage you to restrict certain foods can be more difficult and much harder to maintain.


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