Research Suggests Exercise More important Than Dieting

The results of a research study carried out by the University of Cambridge have shown that there are almost twice as many deaths caused by a lack of exercise compared to obesity. The study was run over 12 years found that 676,000 per year were due to inactivity compared with 337,000 from being obese. The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The statistics found that in the data gathered from Europe that if no one was inactive then mortality rates would be reduced by 7.5% compared to just 3.6% by eliminating obesity. However Professor Ulf Ekeland who was one of researchers, was keen to stress that it does not mean that being active is an excuse to remain obese.

This is an interesting finding as many people concentrate solely on weight as a measure of health and it could that there are many slim people who are more at risk of dying younger than obese individuals. There is a growing realisation that exercise is key to health but many people still think that the reason for this is because it burns fat and therefore helps to keep us slim. This research shows that it does more than just this and provides health protection independently of weight loss.

Although this news is an interesting result, it does not mean that everyone will therefore start exercising. It is worth though considering what exercise actually means. It does not have to mean playing a team sport, going to the gym or running. It can just be a walk, preferably a brisk one but a walk nevertheless. There is no need to buy special equipment or get hot and sweaty and you still get the benefits of exercise. Walking is easier to fit in to your day as well as you can walk to and from work or school, park further away from where you are going to get a walk or even walk inside the house.

Some people may feel that this result is obvious but it does show us something new. It shows us that if you are obese and active you will probably live longer than if you are obese and not active. It also shows us that if you are slim and inactive you may be outlived by obese people who are active. Hopefully, this will motivate some people to change their lifestyle to a more positive one. Exercise can be fun and it can help make you happy, give you something to do with spare time and help to keep your body healthy and it can help you to lose wieght. It certainly seems that it is


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