Slimming World Says a Load of Porkies

Put down those Porky Whites sausages according to Slimming World who have this week have downgraded from its list of products dieters can eat on their programme. The row erupted when UK weight loss organisation Slimming World tested the product and found it had a much higher fat content than advertised by Porky Whites (made by Surrey based business G. White and co). Porky Whites are according to reports are in discussion to resolve this issue with Slimming World which they put down to a misunderstanding.

For G.Whites and co it is important to resolve this row with Slimming World as sales of their product exploded after it was listed as healthier than normal sausages. There is some speculation that a rival diet food producer may have been involved.

Was a competitor involved? Do you use this produce and how does it make you feel?

Slimming World


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