Does Stress Cause Weight Gain?

The Huffington Post has this week reported that stress could be the cause of our weight gain. Many of us possibly already know this, but the article explains why this could be true.

It explains that when we get stressed we tend to want to eat the wring foods. Foods full of sugar, fat and salt are things that we tend to turn to when we are stressed and they are the very foods that we tend to crave more after having them. However, afterwards we tend to feel guilty and that makes us feel even more stressed. The stress can also have long lasting effects on our body. This is due to al of the stress hormones. Initially they will tell us not to eat, but if they do not disappear quickly, which usually they do not, they will give us the signal to eat high energy foods to fuel our body ready to cope with the stress. Obviously, if we needed to fight or run away, which in the past was what stress meant to us, then fuelling up would be really sensible. These days, however, it is often a work problem, which we solve by sitting at a desk, which does not need fuel. There is even evidence that cortisol, a stress hormone, causes more fat to build up around our middles, which is the most dangerous place as far as health is concerned.

Therefore this could mean that addressing our stress levels could be key in helping us to lose weight, making sure that our stress hormones are not controlling us and forcing us to eat more than we need. Therefore it is wise to look into ways to reduce stress that will work for you. Find things that you can easily fit into your lifestyle that you know that you can keep up with.


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