Will the New UK Eatwell Guide Help Weight Loss?

Public Health England have released a new ‘Eatwell Guide’ which is designed to help people know what to eat and how much. It is based on the previous Eatwell Plate but goes into more detail. The guidelines not only show a plate and the proportion of which food groups should make it up, but also mentions how much you should drink and which foods to avoid. The main changes are an increases in the amount of fruit and vegetables recommended and emphasises that whole grains are healthier choices and that sugary foods should be minimised.

The problem with guidelines like this is that the people that tend to look at these things already have an interest in being healthy and are likely to already know and try to do what is recommended. It is therefore important for schools to pass this information to children so that they have an understanding of it and can pass information onto their parents or apply it when they are making their own meals.


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