Is Working Making Us Fat?

The BBC published an interesting article this week Office Cake Culture is ‘Danger to Health’. It explains how it is now seen as normal to have cakes, biscuits and other unhealthy items in the workplace for rewards, birthdays and treats and this could be leading to health problems for workers. In the past there have been warnings about sitting at a desk for too long and now the cakes and treats are being branded as a problem as well. It was dentists that were really worried about the sugars being so bad for teeth, but these sorts of snacks are bound to lead to weight gain as well.

The article even suggests that fruit platters are used as an alternative. However, these could be equally harming to teeth with the sugar and acid on them, but would be less high in calories and unhealthy fats. However, it is hard to imagine this going down well in an office.

Even from personal experience I remember taking fruit and nuts in when it was birthday as an alternative to cakes and biscuits and very few people chose to take them and it was not popular at all. People just do not see these things as a treat and some may never choose to eat them whereas sweet treats seem to be something that everyone likes. However, if this trend could be turned around it could be a of great benefit to everyone, both those that are overweight and obese and those that are not.

Maybe you could try to start a trend of bringing fruit, nuts or other healthy treats into your office and see whether it helps other people to do the same thing. Some people may really appreciate it as they could be struggling to resist temptation themselves.


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